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How to Overcome Claustrophobia Panic Attacks

Claustrophobia is an abnormal fear of being in tight, narrow, or closed spaces. People who suffer from claustrophobia endure varying degrees of this debilitatingClaustrophobia Panic Attacks fear. In its lesser degrees people appear to function without allowing the fear to restrict their life choices. Claustrophobia panic attacks, no matter how limited, affect a person’s quality of life. It is when the fear restricts a person’s life activities that the need to discover how to overcome claustrophobia panic attacks becomes of utmost importance.

How Claustrophobia Panic Attacks Affect Lifestyle Choices

I have suffered from a mild form of claustrophobia nearly my whole life. I have rarely recognized it or acknowledged the fear affecting my life, however, I have unconsciously adjusted my lifestyle to avoid the uncomfortable feelings of claustrophobia panic attacks. This abnormal fear has affected many if not all of my life choices.

As a young man attending college I was given the opportunity to apprentice for an accounting firm. My area of study was accounting with the hope and intention of becoming a certified public accountant. To this day I find numbers and their relationships with human activity fascinating.

My apprenticeship and continued college endeavor in the field of accounting ended in a short nine days after beginning an apprenticeship employment opportunity. In those short nine days I went from enjoying the world of numbers to dreading my future choice of employment and my college accounting classes.

I discovered that accountants in the real world spent most of their time in small cubicles analyzing numbers. The cubicle I had been assigned to did not even have a window. Most of the cubicles did not have windows. Though I enjoyed numbers I found the time I spent in that cubicle to be extremely confining as I was suffering from claustrophobia panic attacks daily.

On my ninth day of apprenticeship with this accounting firm I took the opportunity to ask my supervisor how long it would be before the average accountant is given a window office. I also inquired into the length of time before an accountant would be allowed to travel to companies for direct audit activities. I was informed that this was limited to the senior accountants only and that it would take over 10 years to become a senior accountant in this particular firm. Shortly after this discussion I returned to my supervisor and resigned my apprenticeship training opportunity. I dropped my college accounting classes and changed my major. Claustrophobia panic attacks that are minor do drastically affect the lifestyle of an individual burdened with the abnormal fear of closed narrow spaces.

Claustrophobia Panic Attacks

Today I live a lifestyle where I am not often reminded of my claustrophobic fears. I have found I avoid situations that are uncomfortable such as standing in long lines or entering crowded elevators. Avoiding these activities is relatively simple on a day to day basis. However activities that most people enjoy I often avoid. Participating in theme park rides is an activity I often cannot tolerate as the claustrophobia panic attacks build while in the entrance lines and often becomes worse on the ride itself.

How to Overcome Claustrophobia Panic Attacks

Repetitive successful exercises minimize the panic attack sensations and feeling. By creating successes in our normal day activity we reduce the power of the fearful feelings. At supermarkets I used to step out of lines that had people in front and behind me. I would often avoid a checkout stand that had several people in line. By selectively choosing lines with only a couple of people in the line ahead and going through the line successfully I have greatly minimized my panic obsession through successfully completing the checkout process. The greater the number of successful acts the lesser the feelings of dread and despair.

Professional Counseling

Often our fears are so great that we need to seek out the help and assistance of trained counselors to learn to overcome our claustrophobic inclinations. A psychologist or psychiatrist is able to add insight and provide repetitive work activities that will help overcome the claustrophobia panic attacks. To maximize life’s enjoyment we need to learn how to overcome claustrophobia panic attacks.

Claustrophobia Panic Attacks